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Accessible theatre listings for North Wales Jan- May 2019

Below you will find details of accessible/ assisted shows and performances that are available for theatres across North Wales from January to the end of May 2019. Accessible/ assisted performances mean that services or technology are provided to ensure that audiences members who are deaf, hard of hearing, have sight loss or conditions that affect… Continue reading Accessible theatre listings for North Wales Jan- May 2019

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Kinky Boots UK tour accessible listings

I've recently booked to see Kinky Boots and was really impressed when I looked at the listings and saw that they actually have accessible shows, which is a very big deal for a National tour (even though it shouldn't be.) So I thought I'd do a post to shout about it; in a good way.… Continue reading Kinky Boots UK tour accessible listings


Why is accessible theatre important?

What better way to start off on the topic of access and particularly accessible theatre than to discuss why it's important? Put simply because all accessibility is important! In fact, it's a matter of the law, which is presently covered by the Equality Act 2010 and states that reasonable adjustments must be made to ensure… Continue reading Why is accessible theatre important?