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Hi and welcome,

I realise I probably should have done a welcome post before launching this new blog but hopefully, you got a chance to learn a bit more about me and Access Theatre’s purpose by reading my about page. If not you can read it here www.access-theatre.co.uk/about/

But I wanted to explain a little more in this welcome post. By nature I’m an introvert, I can be shy, socially awkward, quiet and in my own head a lot. I am more of a quietly confident person than someone who needs to be the life and soul of a room. However, when it comes to theatre and especially accessible theatre my voice wants to make itself heard. Unless of course I have a bout of brain fog, completely forget what I was going to say (thanks Lyme for making a home in my brain) or I am intently listening.

I have reignited my love of theatre. And although I would rather not have experienced the things I have over the past 7 years as a disabled and chronically ill person it’s been good to know that I can use all that life experience for something good. Coupling that experience with the logistical mind (when it behaves) of a stage manager are a great match when it comes to access. Hey, I’m just grateful something good can come of something so cruel.

Speaking of which, just a reminder that sometimes posts will be irregular and I can’t always travel too far for obvious reasons. But I am extremely lucky to have one of the UK’s top producing theatres on my doorstep. And so I will post as much as I am able to about accessible theatre and share reviews of shows I do get to see.

I have carried over some old theatre-related posts from my previous blog and updated some of them. I’ve also included image descriptions and will use them where possible on this site and on social media.




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