Making the arts accessible during a pandemic

Want to hear something ironic? This year I’ve seen more theatre than I did last year. And no, I didn’t cram in lots of shows in January and February, in fact I didn’t see any shows in those months. So how when theatres and arts venues have been closed since March and many have not been able to re-open their doors to audiences is this … Continue reading Making the arts accessible during a pandemic

The Power of The Arts- why the arts are important

In a previous post Save The Arts, I spoke about how the arts are in a danger as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic and unfortunately, they are still in a precarious situation. Today, I want to talk about why the arts are important, the power they possess and why the danger they are in could have far-reaching effects. Perhaps you’re someone who has … Continue reading The Power of The Arts- why the arts are important

What are accessible performances?

I’ve done a few posts now listing accessible performances however I thought it might be useful to do a post explaining what is meant by the term “accessible performance” or “assisted performance” (which you might hear instead). In this post, I’ll try to give a deeper understanding of what makes a performance accessible, what different types of accessible performance there are, what is meant by … Continue reading What are accessible performances?

All in a Row and the issue of Representation

When I stumbled across a promotional video for new play All in a Row it took me a good while to lift my jaw off the floor and its effect has been nagging me ever since. All in a Row is a play written by Alex Oates and directed by Dominic Shaw, which starts previews at the Southwark Playhouse tomorrow. It’s a play about: A … Continue reading All in a Row and the issue of Representation

Theatre and Mental Health

Yesterday was Time to Talk day an initiative by the mental health charity Time to Change to open up conversations about mental health and how we’re feeling. Whilst personally, I think that every day should be a ‘time to talk’ day or ‘mental health day’ because talking about our mental health or just being honest about our feelings is imperative I know that concepts like … Continue reading Theatre and Mental Health

D/ deaf Awareness training with Taking Flight

After talking about reasons why theatre can be inaccessible in my last post it’s great to be able to talk about a positive initiative that’s encouraging theatres across Wales to be more accessible and inclusive in this post. I was lucky enough to sit in on a training session with Taking Flight theatre company at Theatr Clwyd recently and learn more about how they are … Continue reading D/ deaf Awareness training with Taking Flight

Why is accessible theatre important?

What better way to start off on the topic of access and particularly accessible theatre than to discuss why it’s important? Put simply because all accessibility is important! In fact, it’s a matter of the law, which is presently covered by the Equality Act 2010 and states that reasonable adjustments must be made to ensure accessibility. However, the majority of us disabled people know that … Continue reading Why is accessible theatre important?